About Us

We are a group of professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, science, healing, business, agriculture and cannabis. Our passionate belief in the power of the cannabis plant brought us together.

Our recognition of the importance of testing from soil to oil led to the establishment of Qure, your cannabis analytical laboratory.

We will give you reliable, accurate and consistent information to enable you to know what you are growing; to develop standards for your products; and to ensure quality end-products.

We care for the environment – therefore our analytical methods of choice are gas chromatography-based where possible, due to the minimal environmental impact of the technique.

All methods used are validated and scrutinised in terms of precision, accuracy, robustness and ruggedness to ensure the utmost reliability.

We adhere to Good Laboratory Practices, as per the principles stipulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Team

Brenda Marx

Laboratory Director – M.Sc Chemistry

Brenda is a chemist with an M.Sc Chemistry from the University of Stellenbosch and a D. Nat. Med from the College of Natural Medicine. She has extensive experience in laboratory management in fields such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, essential oils and natural extracts.

Brenda’s other experience includes quality control, stability, analytical method development and analytical method validation, as well as setting up specifications for new products according to regulatory and legislation requirements.

Kris de Jager

B.Sc. Hons. in Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences


Kris is working on his PhD.

He has extensive knowledge and experience of cannabis genetics and the cultivation of cannabis plants. His primary research interests lie in cannabis propagation, breeding and genetic mapping, whereby he seeks to make ties between genetic variation and disease treatment.

Kris is a founding member of the Cannabis Industrial Development Council of the Western Cape (CIDC-WC), a co-operative recognised by the Department of Health. The CIDC-WC provides a conduit between Government and the cannabis community, facilitating knowledge transfer and aiding regulation.

Kris consults to the agricultural and extractive industries on cannabis propagation; breeding and genetic mapping; and disease treatment.

Jean Jeffery

B.Com. Hons. in Information Technology

Jean’s background is in information technology, systems, corporate communication, corporate administration and project management. Her love and interest in natural medicine became a passion as she followed the path opened by cannabis in her life.

Jean is a founding member, secretary and acting treasurer of the Association of Compassion, a primary co-operative that advocates whole plant medicinal cannabis and was established to lobby for an environment in which patients have legal and safe access to their cannabis medicine; the implementation of testing; and the implementation of high-quality standards.

Natie Ferreira

Natie’s 18 years of experience in the green industry as beautifier, project manager and producer has brought him to the place where horticulture and agriculture meets.

He is a farmer and has extensive knowledge and experience of farming and growing cannabis plants. He is a driving force in the cannabis industry. His participation in cannabis related organisations include, founding member and treasurer of the Cannabis Industrial Development Council of the Western Cape (“CIDC-WC”) and founding member and chairman of the Association of Compassion.

Natie’s ability to assemble and manage a professional team has led to the successful completion of many large and smaller scale projects across the Western Cape. Through his mentorship program he has unlocked the potential of previously excluded people and brought them into the mainstream economy.

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